Vlog: Thank you Asia

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2012-01-27 | 13:04:00 | Simple Plan

En bild från Japan
A picture from Japan

Vlog: Singapore

2012-01-25 | 21:31:00 | YouTube
Simple Plan i Singapore

[English] RIP Chelsea

2012-01-24 | 12:18:46 | Fans
We on Only Simple Plan wants to mention that an Astronaut left us on Sunday. She took her own life.
There are several circumstances, she was bullied both in real life and on internet. Her sister's also sick in cancer.

Chuck and Jeff saw this and sent her their prayers.

RIP Astronaut Chelsea


A few weeks ago the guys mentioned that they're working on a new DVD, a sequel to A big package for you. The EP will be a mini album that contains song that were written for Get your heart on! but didn't make the cut.

Pierre said the fans want more and more and that they're willing to give that to the fans.

RIP Chelsea

2012-01-24 | 12:11:07 | Fans
Vi på Only Simple Plan vill uppmärksamma att en Astronaut har lämnat oss. I söndags tog hon livet av sig.
Det finns fler omständigheter, bl.a. mobbning i verkliga livet och på nätet. Hennes syster är också sjuk i cancer.

Chuck och Jeff har uppmärksammat detta och skickat hälsningar till henne.

RIP Astronaut Chelsea.


För ett tag sedan nämndes det att killarna jobbar med en ny DVD, en uppföljare till A big package for you. EPn kommer bli som ett mini album med låtar som skrevs till Get your heart on! men inte kom med på den slutgiltiga versionen.

Pierre har sagt att fansen vill ha mer och mer och att de är villiga att ge sina Astronauts allt de vill.

Updates coming

2012-01-16 | 20:51:31 | Simple Plan
Uppdateringar kommer. Var tålmodiga svenska Astronauts! :)

Updates are coming. Be patient Astronauts! :)

Chuck besöker skola

2012-01-10 | 10:57:30 | Chuck
Simple Plan befinner sig just nu i Hong Kong, de kom dit igår och gör en spelning idag. Men de har annat på schemat också, i alla fall Chuck. Idag besökte han den kanadensiska skolan i Hong Kong, CDNIS Canadian International School of Hong Kong.

Chucks ord om upplevelsen.

Vlog: Niagara Falls

2012-01-10 | 10:50:00 | YouTube
Simple Plan, Niagara Falls

[English] Simple Plan in China

2012-01-06 | 18:58:05 | Simple Plan
Simple Plan arrived to China and Beijing yesterday and today they played a show there with Kelly Cha, the woman who sings on Jet Lag.
It wasn't an easy trip though, it seems like Pierre is the only one who got his luggage. When they finally made it to their hotel they had a little Welcome party with the media and fans. And some pretty interesting stuff were said!

The band said that they want to release a new DVD this year, but that's not enough. They also want to release some kind of EP. It's not a complet album, but something the fans will love just as much.


Simple Plan i Kina

2012-01-06 | 18:51:10 | Simple Plan
Simple Plan kom fram till Kina och Peking igår och idag spelade de en show tillsammans med Kelly Cha som sjöng Jet Lag.
Det var inte en enkel resa, det verkar som att Pierre är den enda som har fått sitt bagage. När de äntligen kom fram till sitt hotell hade de en liten välkomnsfest med media och fans. Där avslöjades det väldigt intressanta grejer!

Bandet berättade att de väldigt gärna vill släppa en ny DVD detta år, men inte nog med det. De vill också släppa en slags EP. Inte ett komplett album, men något som fansen kommer älska lika mycket.


Piece of history: Bengans 2008

2012-01-05 | 20:02:03 | Piece of history
Simple Plan signerar skivor, Bengans i Stockholm 2008 - klicka för att se större bilder.
Simple Plan signing CD's, Bengans in Stockholm 2008 - click to view larger pictures.

[English] Who in the band is...

2012-01-03 | 13:40:06 | Simple Plan
All this is according to Jeff Stinco, from the interview in the magazine FRIDA spring 2008

David, he's often very tired and usually wakes up very late in the days.

Sébastien, he's like a cartoon. He's always doing something funny and he knows all the lines from The Simpson's.

Nicest to the fans?
Chuck is very nice to the fans. He respects them a lot, but we all do.

Most pedantic?
Sébastien. He can't stand it when there's stuff everywhere.

Most stubborn?
Everyone, but I would say myself. When I get an idea I do everything I can to make it happen.

It's Chuck. He often gets really angry. It's probably because he's so passionate.

Most sporty?
It's Chuck, he plays hockey.

Most spontainious?
David, he talks first and thinks afterwards.

The father figure?
It's Pierre. He always jumps in if there's a fight. He always tries to get everybody in a good mood.

[English] Interview: Jeff Stinco

2012-01-03 | 13:32:48 | Jeff
Here's an interview with the guitarist Jeff Stinco!

The interview was published in the magazine FRIDA in the spring of 2008, so it wasn't me who made it. Until the day comes when I get to interview Jeff Stinco, smile and remember this:

How did you get to know each other?
We got to know each other in high school, it was 13 years ago. Now we've been on tour around the world four or five times.

You write your own songs. What are they about?
It can be everything from love songs where we sing about everything from diseases to unrequited love. Pierre wrote a song about his brother's fight against cancer. It's something that engages him alot.

How are you in the band? Are you sweet guys?
Absolutely. We're very sensetive and romantic.

How are you with your girlfriends?
I'm the only one who has a girlfriend. The other's date, but they don't have girlfriends. We travel a lot, so we need very understanding girls. I try to see my girlfriend as often as possible. I try to make sure it never goes more than three weeks between each time. I think it's very important that you're honest and talk a lot to each other.

What do you do on a day off?
I meet with friends and sometimes we have dinner. Sometimes I go out for a workout and I play a lot of music.

What do you sing in the shower?
I sing very bad, but it's something very rocky like Raine Adams or something.

What's the relationship between you and the fans?
Our fans are very different. That depends on what country we're in. The fans are completely crazy in Brazil. They wait outside the hotels and follow us on the streets. The fans from Asia are very respectful and leave us alone, but they are very intrested of us. The fans are pretty calm here in Montréal. To go on tour and be at home is the best of two worlds. I can still live a pretty normal life when I'm at home.

You played with Avril Lavigne, how was she as a person?
Really funny. I liked her, but I also thought she seemed very young. We went skateboarding together, haha!

You've been getting bad critic from the reviwers, what do you think about that?
I don't take the critic very seriously. I think it seems like most of the reviwers are frustrated musicians.

What plans do you have for 2008?
We will tour in the US and Europe. I think we're coming to Stockholm, we have a lot of fans there.