Simple Plan: The Official Story has been released!

2012-11-22 | 14:09:56 | The official story
Today is a big day, because it's November 22nd which means that Simple Plan: The Official Story has been relased in English! The book is now available in the two official languages it was supposed to be released in; French and English.
If you pre-ordered the book through Chapters, it was sent out two days ago.

The final preview of Simple Plan: The official story

2012-11-08 | 12:48:03 | The official story
The book is now released in French in Canada which means we won't recieve any more sneak peeks of the book.
Check out the three last pages:
You can now buy Simple Plan: The official story through the bands official merch site, here


2012-11-07 | 18:09:45 | The official story
The days have been filled with interviews for the release of Simple Plan: The official story
@INeedTheirMusic published this on YouTube:
Alexandra sent me this, an interview with Chuck and Sébastien at Virgin Radio Montréal, which @farawaybrothers posted on YouTube:
Chuck told us on Twitter that they had recently done an interview, which you can read here

The launch of Simple Plan: The official story

2012-11-07 | 18:04:19 | The official story
Last night was Simple Plan: The official story released together with the opening of Musik Expo where Simple Plan has an exhibition.
On this release was Patrick Langlois among others to support the band, who shot several pictures in this book.

The English version is done!

2012-11-07 | 17:58:38 | The official story
The French version of Simple Plan: The official story is printed and two days ago, the English version of the book became completely finished and was sent to be printed the very same day.
On that day, the members of Simple Plan also recieved their copies of the book, Chuck and Seb were not late with posting pictures of their books. The coming days will be rather hectic for the guys, books are going to get signed, interviews have to be done and then they will go to Spain for a show in Madrid
The book will be released in French on November 8, and in English on November 22, it will not be released in any other languages for now. The only way to get the book is by ordering it from Canada through links that have previously been posted (click HOME if you can't find it here), IF the book will be available in other countries, it's going to take months before it becomes available whereever you live. Don't hesitate, order it now!

Two sneak peeks from the book!

2012-11-07 | 17:51:10 | The official story
Two new sneak peeks from Simple Plan: The Official Story
These two are about their first steps towards the stage and their second album Still not getting any...

La Presse shows two images from the book

2012-11-04 | 14:36:44 | The official story
La Presse is the company in charge of publishing Simple Plan: The Official Story and they recently released two images from the book together with an article that sums up the history of the band. In this article, Chuck mentions the fight between himself and Pierre. Something that stopped them from talking to each other for a long time. This was during the Reset period, before Simple Plan was founded.
Quote from the article:
"It's still uncomfortable talking about this, it was a huge fight that lasted for a year and a half or two years. We could have decided not to talk to each other, but for me personally, this incident taught me a lot. I often think about it, it taught me that anger, egoism, pride and bad-chosen words can lead to you losing the most precious thing you have." 
You can read the entire article here
The pictures released:
Thank you Dominika for the translated part.

Full cover of Simple Plan: The official story

2012-11-03 | 16:33:00 | The official story, one of the companies that sells Simple Plan: The official story recently posted the entire cover of the book.

Sneak peek of Simple Plan: The official story

2012-11-03 | 16:24:00 | The official story
To quote Dominika: "Out of respect to the band, everyone who has been working on this book and all the fans who have been waiting for this for many years, I won't publish any pictures & information other than what Simple Plan publishes. You should do the same, and not post/send any pictures/information that might leak this coming period, since the book will be released earlier in Canada. Which means that the book won't have reached most fans for a while. Don't ruin the surprise."
I will do like Dominika, hence the quotation.
Simple Plan promised that they would show us some pictures from the book before its release and here you have the first sneak peak, two pages about RoachWhat is Roach? It's the band that Chuck and Pierre had together with a few friends from 1993-1995.