The English version is done!

The French version of Simple Plan: The official story is printed and two days ago, the English version of the book became completely finished and was sent to be printed the very same day.
On that day, the members of Simple Plan also recieved their copies of the book, Chuck and Seb were not late with posting pictures of their books. The coming days will be rather hectic for the guys, books are going to get signed, interviews have to be done and then they will go to Spain for a show in Madrid
The book will be released in French on November 8, and in English on November 22, it will not be released in any other languages for now. The only way to get the book is by ordering it from Canada through links that have previously been posted (click HOME if you can't find it here), IF the book will be available in other countries, it's going to take months before it becomes available whereever you live. Don't hesitate, order it now!

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