Participate in This Song Saved My Life!

2012-12-17 | 10:29:05 | Simple Plan
Do you wanna participate in Simple Plan's new music video This Song Saved My Life?
Go here and take part!

News concerning the music video of This Song Saved My Life!

2012-12-16 | 01:20:00 | Simple Plan
On December 2nd began the filming of Simple Plan's new single This Song Saved My Life, together with some fans, from the book signing in Toronto and from the concert later that night.
Clips from the Get Your Heart On! Tour 2012 will also be featured in the video, and to make it even more international the director will post more info on how more fans from all over the world can participate in the video.
We'll get more info sometime during the weekend.
Dominika will keep us all updated on how we can participate in this video.

Interview with Simple Plan!

2012-12-11 | 10:50:51 | Simple Plan
Chuck Comeau recently did an interview with Alter the Press! which, according to Chuck, is a very deep interview about Simple Plan: The Official Story and about their career.
According to Chuck, this is something all fans should read. Read it here!

Simple Plan includes the whole world in their new music video

2012-12-08 | 20:39:00 | Simple Plan
About a week ago, Simple Plan shot the video for their new single This Song Saved My Life in Toronto, Canada, including their fans, clips from the book signing and from the concert which was later that night.
David F. Mewa, who directs the video, confirmed, while the clips from Toronto were directed, that clips from tours from Europe and Canada will also be part of the video. Later it was also confirmed that clips from Australia and South America will be included in the video as well.

New dates for 2013!

2012-12-05 | 02:02:44 | Simple Plan
Simple Plan has released yet another two dates for 2013. They will play in Japan the 30th and the 31st of March.
You'll find all the dates under Links and click at Tour 2013.

Simple Plan raised $160,000

2012-12-03 | 11:06:00 | Simple Plan
We now know how much Simple Plan raised at this year's Simple Plan Foundation event. With the sale of the tickets for the event, Simple Plan: The Official Story and the auction at the event, Simple Plan managed to raise $160,000 which will be donated to charity.
Congratulations guys!
pic: SPCZ

Simple Plan records new music video!

2012-12-03 | 11:01:00 | Simple Plan
Simple Plan have been in Toronto this weekend to record a new version of the music video for This Song Saved My Life. They first signed their new book Simple Plan: The Official Story at Chapters Indigo, and afterwards they recorded the video together with some lucky fans. They also held a concert which will be featured in the video.

Download Stay (it's Christmas)

2012-12-03 | 10:56:00 | Sébastien
It's been two years since Sébastien Lefebvre released the EP ChristmasETC with Canadien Katie Rox. The only Christmas song on the EP is Stay (It's Christmas) and you can download the song for free here:
The EP consists of three songs, the other two are part of ETC by the title.