New album - info from a press conference in Mexico

2013-10-21 | 00:10:00 | Simple Plan
When Simple Plan was in Mexico at the MTV World Stage, they also held a press conference which has been shared to us by Simple Plan Mexico. Unfortunately, it is not available in Sweden. Simple Plan CZ published the video from the press conference (which is unavailable), where Simple Plan answered some questions from the journalists and told them what they are doing now, for two weeks they said that their new EP will be released in 1-2 months, that the next album will probably be released in 2014 - however, it is still very much time left and no date has been set, so it can therefore be released in 2015. They also spoke about a live DVD.
So we'll just have to wait and see what happens! (And when it happens!)
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Tonight Alive & Simple Plan

2013-10-20 | 11:59:00 | Simple Plan
Simple Plan in Australia with Jennah from Tonight Alive in 2011
After Simple Plan unfortunately had to cancel their performances at the Vans Warped Tour Australia 2013, they have now confirmed that the band will play a gig in Perth, Australia. Not at the Warped Tour, but another gig of their own where Tonight Alive will be opening for them, something they also did when the band was there in November 2011. The gig will take place at December 3rd this year.
Tonight Alive is a band from Australia, and they recently published a video at Vevo where they talk about Simple Plan as one of their biggest musical influences.
This is what Tonight Alive said about Simple Plan:

“If we had like a band practice and we finished band practice and still had an afternoon to go, we’d like all sit down and watch a band DVD.” – Jake Hardy

“One of the main ones we used to watch was Simple Plan’s first DVD. It’s called A Big Package For You and it was pretty much a chronicle of the two years they spent from like recording their first album – they went from an absolutely unknown band to just touring the whole world. I guess for us, we would just sit there, watch that and be like: ‘That’s awesome! We wanna go there and we wanna do that!’” – Cam Adler

“I think we’ve worked with like a bunch of artists that have had like a major influence on us when we were growing up – like Simple Plan. When we were touring with them, they were exactly like what they were like on the DVD. Like just the most down-to-earth dudes.” – Jake Hardy

“To be able to support them on the tour in Australia was such an honor, to meet them, to shake their hands. And I think we took a lot away from that tour, even though it was very short. I guess it was just easy to see why they’ve gotten so far.” – Jenna McDougall 



Simple Plan at the MTV World Stage

2013-10-20 | 11:45:02 | Simple Plan
A couple of weeks ago, Simple Plan was in Mexico together with Fall Out Boy and performed at the MTV World Stage. They performed 10 songs, among them Perfect.  

Simple Plan records new EP

2013-07-21 | 19:20:54 | Simple Plan
It has been mentioned several times during 2012-2013 that Simple Plan wants to record an EP with songs that weren't included on the latest album Get Your Heart On!, to make the wait between the albums feel a bit shorter and much better. The EP will consist of 5-7 songs, and the guys have now finally said when they will enter the studio to begin recording!
Jeff mentioned in an interview that they will begin to record the EP in the end of september/the beginning of october, and before the end of 2013 some 'new' material will be available; either a new single or the EP.

Simple Plan goes back to Australia!

2013-07-14 | 20:04:00 | Simple Plan
Simple Plan returns to Australia in November/December to perform at Vans Warped Tour!
You find the dates for 2013 here

The summer is short... Or is it?

2013-06-03 | 12:03:26 | Simple Plan
It's June, which officially means that it's summer, at least in Sweden!
Simple Plan has released some new stuff in their merch store, which you find here!

Simple Plan Foundation donates $20,000 to create more jobs

2013-05-11 | 15:19:36 | Simple Plan
Jeff and Sébastien visited the conference of Annual Union of Quebec Municipalities (UMQ) this year. The guys were there to represent the Simple Plan Foundation and announced that they will donate $20,000 to Association des centres jeunesse du Québec - the Assosiation of Youth Centers in Quebec - in order to help create more jobs for young people here.
pics: SPCZ

Simple Plan releases something new!

2013-05-10 | 23:54:00 | Simple Plan
Simple Plan will soon release some new stuff! 
Pierre at Twitter yesterday/last night.

Vlog: Simple Plan with Rivers Cuomo

2013-05-09 | 14:47:00 | Simple Plan
This march, Simple Plan performed the song Can't Keep My Hands Off You together with Rivers Cuomo, and here's the video from that performance! :

New video: Summer Paradise feat. Taka

2013-05-09 | 14:44:00 | Simple Plan
Warner Music Japan recently released the official music video for the Japanese version of Summer Paradise, featuring Taka from One OK Rock. The pictures in the video comes from Los Angeles where the song was recorded and from Japan where Taka sang together with Simple Plan earlier this spring.
The video:

Simple Plan in Experience BMW

2013-05-09 | 14:41:00 | Simple Plan
Simple Plan was featured in the latest issue of Experience BMW, a magazine that's distributed to BMW owners in Montréal. The article about Simple Plan covered 4 pages and was published both in English and French.
- click to view bigger pictures 
pics: SPCZ

Review of Simple Plan: The Official Story

2013-05-02 | 19:16:00 | Simple Plan
Have you read Simple Plan: The Official Story?
Send us your review of the book, it can be as detailed as you want, and we'll publish it here!

Jeff and Sébastien - guests at a talk show

2013-05-02 | 19:07:00 | Simple Plan
This monday Jeff and Sébastien were guests at the talk show Penelope McQuade Talkshow, where they talked about the book Simple Plan: The Official Story, which was released almost 6 months ago.

The video for This Song Saved My Life

2013-03-05 | 11:21:23 | Simple Plan
The video for This Song Saved My Life was supposed to be released in February, but it takes time. The reason for that is that it takes longer than expected to get everyone's permission. But it will be released soon!

Some news

2013-01-30 | 14:54:25 | Simple Plan
Simple Plan is right now enjoying some time off and that's why there aren't that many things to write about for the moment. Something that we can look forward to is the music video for This Song Save My Life, which will be released any day now.

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