La Presse shows two images from the book

La Presse is the company in charge of publishing Simple Plan: The Official Story and they recently released two images from the book together with an article that sums up the history of the band. In this article, Chuck mentions the fight between himself and Pierre. Something that stopped them from talking to each other for a long time. This was during the Reset period, before Simple Plan was founded.
Quote from the article:
"It's still uncomfortable talking about this, it was a huge fight that lasted for a year and a half or two years. We could have decided not to talk to each other, but for me personally, this incident taught me a lot. I often think about it, it taught me that anger, egoism, pride and bad-chosen words can lead to you losing the most precious thing you have." 
You can read the entire article here
The pictures released:
Thank you Dominika for the translated part.

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