Premiere of This Song Saved My Life

Simple Plan's new and overall fourth single "This Song Saved My Life" from their latest album Get Your Heart On! will be released on Monday, January 14th.
The premiere will take place at Virgin Radio Montreal and Chuck will be there when this happens.
At the same time, the director David F. Mewa is working on finishing the video for the song, and that should be done in a couple of weeks.
Both the video and the song are made together with fans from all around the world. The song was written at twitter together with fans, where they sent a message to Chuck and Pierre about what music means to them. The guys then collected this and turned it into a song, and when they recorded the song some lucky fans got to fly to Canada and sing with the band. For the video, fans joined in during a book signing in Toronto. Then fans from all over the world could send in a picture or a video to the band, something which thousands of fans did.

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