SPFamily Awards + Simple Plan Space + Scrapbook

For the third year in a row, SPFamily Awards is taking place! This is a small award ceremony where Simple Plan fans can vote for each other in different categories, the winners will then be presented on youtube!
The first round where you could nominate fans is now completed and phase 2 of the voting has begun. You can vote as many times as you want until June 15! Vote and read the rules here.
Jen from Australia runs a very well executed fan magazine dedicated to Simple Plan - Simple Plan Space, where the major focus is indeed Simple Plan, but it's also filled with other bands and events. Maybe it's our own version of Kerrang! Magazine? The magazine is released once a month, and small updates also take place on the magazine's tumblr.
Read the latest edition here and check out their tumblr here - also follow them at Twitter here.
June 7th Simple Plan will perform in Wien, Austria. It's one of the few stops the band will make in Europe this summer. Julia from SimplePlanAT - Austria's support - and also one of the owners of SimplePlanEU will go see the band and will give them a scrapbook  filled with the fan's words to the band, pics, fan art and all kinds of stuff! Do you want to participate? Follow their street team at Twitter here for more information, or read more here.
When the band comes back to Sweden, we will give them our own book!

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