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This blog is over a year old and I thought I could update this little thing about myself. Just because the readers are awesome.
Written: August 2011
Updated: March 2012
Updated: June 2012
Updated: October 2012
Updated: May 2013

Short info: My name's Emelie Strandberg, I'm 19 years old and I live in Eskilstuna - just an hour away from Stockholm. I have been a fan since March 2005, over eight years! I've lived in this area my entire life, but the plan is to move to London or somewhere fun! I currently study at the IB Diploma Programme where the main focus is history, economics and both Swedish & English literature, but I also study biology and mathematics. I'm married to the music, for better or worse. Besides Simple Plan, I also happen to love All Time Low. I also have braces, which will come off in December (hopefully). I currently have redish brown hair and blue eyes, I wish I spoke perfect British English. I have over 500 books in my room and about 1,000 more in the basement. I don't know what to do with my life, but I'd love to be a writer or journalist. Most likely I will end up working with economics in some way,

Favourites: My favourite designers are Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs, I love both high heels and Converse. The perfume I use everyday is Britney Spears: Midnight Fantasy, but my favourite is Coco Mademoiselle from Chanel. I love purple, pink and black. I love to watch the children's cartoon Moomin, but also Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy and The Vampire Diaries. My favourite movies are Mama, Titanic, Harry Potter and 1408. I have over 500 books in my room, another 1,000 in the basement 

First concert: Was when I saw the Swedish singer Darin in Norrköping March 1st 2007, the premiere of his Pure Desire Tour. My first Simple Plan show was April 17 2012.

Rating of Simple Plan records: My favourite is Still not getting any... on second place we have Get your heart on! third place is taken by Simple Plan and my least favourite is No pads, no helmets... just balls. But I guess we can say they all share the sweetest spot in my heart.

Simple Plan: I've been a fan since March 2005 and saw them in the movie New York Minute. I've had a crush on everyone besides Pierre & Sébastien, Jeff is my superhero. I've been a member of SPCrew since December 2010 and I went to my first show in Stockholm on April 17 2012. There I also met everyone in the band. In July 2011, Warner Music set up an interview with Pierre Bouvier and we talked on the phone for half an hour. Pierre sang Perfect to me during the Peace & Love show and after. I also participated in the fan video tribute when Simple Plan was awarded Personality of the year.

Simple Plan stuff: I have two copies of No pads, no helmets... just balls, one is from June 2007 and is signed, the other is from August 2012. I only have one copy of Still not getting any... I have three copies of the self-titled album, I got the first one on my birthday 2008, the second one was a limited edition CD+DVD (2008) with 13 tracks, and the third one was bought September 2009 and was signed. I have five copies of Get your heart on!, I bought the first one June 2011 (11 tracks), two were a gift from Warner Music (2011) and are signed, I bought the double CD with GYHO+NPNHJ with the French 2011 edition and then the French 2012 edition with 13 tracks. I also have MTV hardrock live CD+DVD and A big package for you+A small package for you. I have four iPhone cases, one David hat and many t-shirts and other items.
Random stuff: I have gotten over 50 replies from the band on Twitter, I have been awarded Best Mrs. Stinco two years in a row. I have seen the band All Time Low three times, the first time was on February 14 2013 in London where I queued for 10 hours, I was in third row. The second time was February 15 2013 where I had meet&greet and had barrier right in front of Jack. The third time was at Bråvalla Festival 2013. 
Me according to Simple Plan: Hardcore, dedicated, sweet, one of the best fans.

Role Models: Jeff Stinco, Carmelita Jeter, Shelly-Ann Fraser, Tyson Gay & Tyra Banks

Contact: spsverige@hotmail.se



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