Another new year!

Another new year has begun and I say: Welcome Back! We had a short Christmas break but nothing special has happened in the Simple Plan world, apart from the continuing work on the video for This Song Saved My Life.
We at Only Simple Plan wish you all a Happy New Year and we all hope that the guys will make another visit to Sweden this year. We also hope that you all received a copy of Simple Plan: The Official Story, which was released about one and a half month ago. People living in Sweden can buy the book through Chapters Online for $37, it takes up to one week to get the book and it will arrive right to your doorstep. The book is a bit cheaper if you buy it through Simple Plan's Merch page, but then the shipping costs more than the book itself, it can take a long time for it to arrive and it won't arrive to your doorstep.
Read Dominika's review of the book here

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