Calling all Astronauts!

A picture says more than 1,000 words so I will try to keep it short.
This Thursday at 8pm CET we will try to do a world wide trending topic on twitter. But we need everyone's help. We will trend SimplePlanTheOfficialStory only and it's okay to tweet it how many times you want to, but only once/tweet. If you would tweet more than once in the same tweet, it would be considered as spam and therefor can't be a World Wide Treding Topic on Twitter.
You can include anything you want in your tweet, but of course it has to be Simple Plan related.
Example on a tweet that is okay
"I got a heart on for SimplePlanTheOfficialStory"
Example on a tweet that is not okay
"I got a heart on for SimplePlanTheOfficialStory I can't wait for SimplePlanTheOfficialStory"
If you want to, you can change your default picture on twitter to the Simple Plan book picture, you can find it here
Thursday, 2pm EST, SimplePlanTheOfficialStory

Remember me?