Another contest!

We're celebrating two years online on November 17 and we're gonna celebrate that with another contest!
The contest will begin on November 10 so you have to wait another nine days for it to start. But I promise you, it's worth the wait! Because we have some amazing prices for you in store!
For this contest, we only want people who are not a member of SP Crew because what you can win is a membership in Simple Plan's fanclub SP Crew and a copy of the new book.
Are you intrested? Make sure you come back! This is a world wide contest.


"World wide" like for Slovakia, too? :)
I can't wait! You're amazing :)

Svar: yes, Slovakia is included! :)
emelie strandberg

Datum: 2012-11-02 Tid: 08:57:28

Remember me?