Simple Plan blev utnämnda till årets personlighet

I söndags kväll (kanadensisk tid) hölls en årlig gala tillsammans med Radio Canada där de delade ut ett antal priser. Ett pris var årets personlighet.
Simple Plan blev utnämnda till veckans personlighet tidigare under 2012 men blev nu utnämnda till 2012 års personlighet.
Tack vare Charbel kan ni nu se ett klipp från galan och en översättning.
Host: It’s now the time to present you this year’s “Personality of the year” from La Presse and Radio Canada. They are 5 but together they are 1, ladies and gentlemen, Simple Plan!
Background voice: “Ever since the beginning of their foundation in 2005, the band formed of Sebastien Lefebvre, David Desrosiers, Chuck Comeau, Pierre Bouvier and Jeff Stinco, not only sold more than 10 million albums over the globe, but they have also given more than 750 thousand dollars for charity. During the JUNO ceremony in Toronto last April, the band received the Allan Walter Humanitarian Award, an honour the band shared with musicians such as Neil Young, Brian Adams, and more.”
Host: Congratulations, I can see you guys are touched.
Pierre: Absolutely, it’s incredible.
Jeff: It was a big year but to receive an award like this is a huge gratitude
Chuck: I’d like to applause every one who has or hasn’t gotten an award here tonight.
Host: Does every rock band have a relationship with their fans like you do?
Pierre: We only know Simple Plan, our own band, we don’t know what other bands do with their fans, our relationship with our fans is special, it touches us, I don’t think other bands are that close to their fans as we are, our fans are incredible…
Host: We actually asked your fans their reaction over the world and their response was monumental, we made you guys a DVD about that, it will be up on YouTube, until then here’s a clip of a few reactions we’ve received from all around the world.
Video footage:
Marian from Mexico: Hey SP, it’s Marian from Mexico, this prize makes me proud of you, congratulations! Julia from Austria: You guys deserve it more than anything else, you helped me get through the though times. Jen from Australia: You guys are an awesome band and such an inspiration to so many people, keep up the good work!
Dominika from Czech Republic: Congratulations upon wining this award, no one deserves it more than you, thank you for everything.
Emelie from Sweden: I just wanted to congratulate you, you really deserve it, I love you.
Hanine from Lebanon: I knew you guys would make it, congratulations, I love you guys!
Charu from India: I love your music, you can turn the bad days into good ones.
Yuka from Japan: For me SP is the greatest band out there, I will forever be grateful.
Amanda from New York: It’s good to see great things happen to great people who’s done so much for their fans and their community.
Chuck: Thank you
Host: People are touched all around the world, what you guys are talking about, they live it.
Chuck: It’s really the power of music, nowadays with mp3s, it’s often considered as a product, but we see it as so much more, it can touch people, put smiles on different faces, and we’ve seen it, it can save lives, we’ve heard many stories, and it’s not just us, it’s with many other bands, but to hear that …
Host: Does it change the way you write your music?
Jeff: Of course we feel a certain responsibility when we make an album, we know we’re gonna be heard, on our first album we did it for ourselves we didn’t know what we were up against, but know we think about our fans, we don’t wanna disappoint them, we tell ourselves that we can’t make an album that sucks, it’s not a possibility, they need it, and they tell us about it, and we try to give it the best of ourselves.
Chuck: *pinches Jeff* Oh boy that’s a good one, “The best of ourselves”.
[applauses] (“the best of ourselves” in French is actually the name of the show, this is why everyone laughs)
Host: When you received the humanitarian award at the Junos, you said the award was more important than any music award.
Pierre: For us, we’re lucky to have fans who show us their love.everywhere around the planet, but we wanna give back, we wanna make a difference like we’ve seen with our fans, with our foundation events, to see we can make things better just by making music, an impact in people’s lives, for me that’s more important.
Host: Are you guys gonna be together when you’re 70 like then Rolling Stones.
Pierre: Probably!
Jeff: On stage in our wheelchairs.
Chuck: Why would we wanna stop. We love what we are doing, we have fun, we can do extraordinary things.
Host: Your personality of the year, ladies and gentlemen, Simple Plan.

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