[English] Get your heart on! one year

Get your heart on! Became Simple Plan’s fourth studio album and today it has been one year since it was released. They worked with the album on and off since Simple Plan was released, but they spent day and night in the studio from July 27 2010 until November 10 2010.

Simple Plan’s first two albums were very playful, with just a few heavy songs. The point with them was to make people dance, get happy and express emotions. The third record on the other hand was very heavy with a lot of emotional songs. For the fourth record, they wanted to get back to their old style and made a mix of No pads, no helmets… just balls and Still not getting any… most elements came from the first record.

They had five collaborations for this record, you can hear Natasha Beddingfield (English) and Marie Mai (French) on Jet Lag, we hear Rivers Cuomo on Can’t keep my hands off you, Alex Gaskarth sings on Freaking me out and K’naan was the one who sang on the original version of Summer Paradise. And of course, on This song saved my life we get to hear fans singing.

This song saved my life is inspired by the fans, especially by letters they have read. they have also heard stories that fans told them face to face. The song was written to show how important music can be, that you have something to relate to in order to make it through the day. Chuck asked asked everyone to send him their story on Twitter and tell him what Simple Plan has done frp them and he got fragments that later became This song saved my life.