[English] Not sure about the contest?

As you know, we're hosting a contest where you can win a membership in Simple Plan's fanclub SP Crew.
This isn't our first contest, we know how to do this, so keep calm.

Previous contests:
- 2010, we have away a signed copy by Simple Plan to a fan in France.
- 2011, we did this one together with Warner Music, we did an interview with Pierre Bouvier and three reviews of Jet Lag were going to be published on simpleplan.com - unfortunately we didn't get three reviews so nothing got published.
- 2012, also with Warner Music. We got an interview with the band together with 6 lucky winners. We couldn't participate due to private issues, but 5 of the winners got to spend time with Chuck and Sébastien.


what we have to do???

Svar: scroll down, find a post named "Contest, win a membership in SPCrew" and do as it says! :)
emelie strandberg

Datum: 2012-07-15 Tid: 21:00:40

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